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S5 Habla Chat Module





An easy chat module to communicate with your customers. The S5 Habla Chat module is powered by the free chat software found at www.hab.la

  • Install the module and publish it to the 'top' position.
  • Signup for a free account at : http://www.hab.la/habla/signup
  • Once you are signed up look for your Hab.la Site ID at : http://www.hab.la/account (about half way down the page)
  • Enter your Site Id into the module through the backend of Joomla.
  • Download and install Pidgin through the following tutorial : http://www.hab.la/tutorials/pidgin.html

S5 Domain Check Module




This free module is a great way for your viewers to check if a domain name is available. Simply install the module and publish it to any position.

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